Naira Express International LLC.
Naira Express International LLC.

"Providing On Time, Reliable, and Honest Service"

Air Transportation

Naira Express Int. has been focusing on expedited & specialized freight handling services. Our air freight shipping services are available across state line. We count on several established carriers worldwide to assist with airport pick ups and deliveries to your location. Our carriers are located in: 



*Northern California

*Southern California

*Miami, Florida

*New York 

*New Jersey 

*Atlanta, Georgia 





Ground Transportation

We take pride in our shipping and delivery services. Many of the delivery services we provide are for the following:

*Automotive Parts 

*Medical Supplies

*Aircraft Parts

*General Freight 

*Pharmaceutical Packages 

*Bank Branch Mail Runs

* Lab Work Deliveries


Here at Naira Express International we are experts in handling any type of package or freight. Size does not matter, big or small we can take care of it. 




Naira Express Int. has warehouse space and highly experienced, professional staff to meet any of your freight handling needs. We provide flexibility and responsiveness to ensure that your warehousing and fulfillment needs are met. We can hold your shipments in a clean,organized and well secure, camera installed enviroment.  



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